Breathing Prosperity: Abundance Breathing for Wealth


At Breathing Prosperity, the goal is to ultimately help you to ‘eat, sleep and breathe prosperity.’

For me this means that the way you live your life in all aspects is in a state of abundance and prosperity. From your breath to your thoughts to your activities, you approach your life from a place of happiness, gratitude and an abundance mindset; all of it is connected, of course, and improvement in one area affects all others. A state of prosperity, or prosperity consciousness, will help you attract more money but it is far more than that; it is an expansive, inclusive, glorious state of mind which attracts to you all manner of good. If you think money is wonderful and good, then money will be part of that attraction.

(If you have not been attracting all the financial abundance you want, you are experiencing conflicting beliefs. There are myriad ways to help with this, and you can make remarkable progress in this area. Many of these ways are detailed throughout this site and the Breathing Prosperity blog, and some of the most effective tools are detailed in the ’30 Days to Wealth’ exercises, which were gathered for just this purpose. We’ve spent years trying out programs, books, seminars, etc. and this book is the distilled version of what has worked most powerfully. For the small investment, you’ll get incredible results, plus it has comes with some excellent and exclusive bonuses! Yes, I want you to buy it, because I am passionate about this subject and know the book will help you! :) )

You may already be experiencing more and more that know that what you get in life results from how YOU move in the world, and that you have more control than you ever realized. At the same time, you paradoxically are learning to let go and allow the Universal energy (call the spirit of life that runs through you what you will) to flow freely to you, aligning you with your desires.

This process should include, literally, the way you breathe. Breath is a very under-discussed way in which we contribute to the formation of our reality, and for most of us there is room for improvement. It is such a fundamental part of our lives that we often forget about it entirely. If we get caught up in day-to-day busyness and forget about our breathing, leaving it on auto-pilot, we are most likely to suffer from chronic shallow breathing. Experts agree that this is a widespread problem and contributes to many physical maladies. Shallow breathing does not allow for the health-giving benefits of breath that our bodies and souls were meant to enjoy, such as moving toxins through and out of our bodies, stress relief and relaxation, and increased awareness and presence.

Heal yourself: practice deep, relaxing breaths whenever your remember throughout the day.

Abundance breathing can be compared to yogic breathing, relaxation breathing, meditative breathing, etc.. They all involve conscious, slow and deep breaths, which are not only excellent and healing for our bodies, but restore our awareness of the present moment and help us shed worries and anxiety. As we do so, we become more centered and happiness is able to trickle in…and happiness helps us attract money and abundance of all sorts.

Every little tool you have at your disposal to clear your mind, become present and increase your joy will positively affect your life in all areas, so begin your abundance breathing today and enjoy the results!

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